Yoga Therapy is a customized practice to empower an individual at all levels to achieve overall wellness


Yoga Therapy is a customized practice to empower an individual at all levels to achieve overall wellness




Yoga is a practice which is practiced in a safe, non competitive and non judgmental environment to achieve wellness.  


  • Yoga is a skill in action and not just an exercise.  It is a communication between our mind, body and breathe  to know yourself the most.  
  • Moving breath and body together to increase the awareness and to  balance our nervous system.  
  • It is a practice, where focus is on how we practice rather than how many time we practice.  
  • Yoga can be practiced by all individual at any place within their capacity  as long as they can breathing and have an awareness.
  • Yoga is connection, inner awareness, education, compassion, kindness, energy, strength, flexibility, cleansing, discipline, concentration and joy.  

It  is a science, and when it is mastered, it becomes an art.​

Yoga therapy for chronic dis-ease


  Healing of human body is comprised of four basic principles:

  • First principle: The human body is a      holistic entity and is made up of five layers the "Koshas", which are inseparable from one another. The health or illness of any one layer affects the other layers.  
  • Second principle: Every individual is  unique and therefore must be approached in a way that acknowledges that individuality.  Each practice must be tailored to the  individual's needs. 
  • Third principle:  Yoga is self-empowering, and self healing as it increases self awareness, brings mental clarity, and relaxes the nervous system. Healing begins through balancing sympathetic (flight or fight) and parasympathetic (rest and      digest) nervous system.
  • The fourth principle: Healing begins in the mind. When the individual has a positive state of mind healing is faster than an individual with a negative state of mind.  Mind is the seat of all chronic dis-ease.  

Yoga Therapist works with an individual based on their capacity to achieve the goal.  In-order to achieve the result yoga therapist and client equally participate into the program.

Meditation, Savasana and Yoga Nidra


It is about mindful awareness, observation and surrender 

  • Meditation: It is about observing all senses including our thoughts from the past and the future.  Information is gathered through our senses for the brain to either react or store for the future use.  Meditation is observing all the information without storing, judging or responding and allowing the mind to accept and acknowledge to connect with the present moment.  Meditation can be practiced anywhere, at anytime, however it is recommended to set the scheduled time during the day until it becomes a lifestyle.  It can be done in seated, standing or in a supine position as long as you are comfortable. 
  • Savasana:  It is about withdrawing senses.  Allowing to let go mental and physical blockages with each out breath.  It is about finding the stillness in our mind and body to connect with our sense of being (true self), as move away from doing. 
  • Yoga Nindra: It is a guided relaxation. Practitioners are asked to set a Sankalpa or making a promise to them self and then call upon the deepest desire that one can actually have. It is essentially believed that one can easily enter a state in between the consciousness as well as unconsciousness where those particular desires can easily be manifested.