My experience at Yoga Therapy has been a challenge to all my abilities. I have broken through layers of fear. I know now that there is some way to be healed that is gentle and very personal from a person I trust with Sharmila .I have learned so many things that are uplifting and spiritual, and she has a way of communicating that in a way that I can understand,I truly feel Sharmila is a gifted loving person and I am lucky to have found her.I used to think of yoga as a very mellow form of exercise suited for whomever was not interested in real exercise but after a couple of months into the program I started to realize the benefits on both my mind and body Sharmila taught me to be more aware of my body and to be able to focus on the areas that need more attention through continuous stretching and breathing. Sharmila has a very professional manner and attitude she is sensitive and very effective. I can't express to you in words how you have touched me and guided me and gave me a desire to break my boundaries. Thank you - you are the best "



"I have participated in yoga most of my adult life.  My first teacher was my mother who introduced me to the physical and spiritual benefits of Hatha yoga.  My mother taught her last class when she was 90 years old. I have been very lucky, since then, to have had wonderful yoga teachers throughout the years.   I have been a member of Sharmila’s class for the past four years.  I look forward to her classes – they are a wonderful combination - the physical practice in a meditative and spiritual atmosphere - these attributes in a class are so important to me.  I am almost 69 years of age and I have energy, flexibility, and have developed wonderful coping skills to deal with stress – I believe my continued yoga practice has helped me to achieve this balance.  Sharmila’s classes are well planned to develop body and mental strength and a positive mental outlook.  Sharmila is very well trained and is continually educating herself in the practice of yoga and wellness.  She is a professional who is very kind and caring in her dealings with her students.  It is a privilege for me to learn from her and to participate in the practice of yoga with her. "



Sharmila’s classes are cheerful, balanced sessions with a solid mixture of routine and variety. She plans her classes with both strength and flexibility in mind, and while offering challenges, she readily adjusts the sessions to participants’ needs and concerns.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her classes always enjoyable."



"I have previously tried yoga, but could not enjoy it and soon gave up and returned to other forms of exercise. Recently my health was severely compromised and I was unable to be as active as I once was. I decided to try yoga again and so happy I did. Sharmila is so welcoming and kind. She has helped me to not only see the benefits of yoga, but enjoy the practice. I've learnt that it is more than exercise and is a practice that benefits my overall mental and physical health. Sharmila is uplifting as a teacher and has a calming aura that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed. She is using yoga to help heal and I believe in her and truly enjoy my time with her. She is compassionate and has a heart of gold. Thank you Sharmila!



I have attended another yoga class, but compared to that Sharmila's class is like a breath of fresh air. Her class has an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. The class size is intimate  with maximum 6 participants so you get one on one attention. She is very careful and makes sure that each yoga pose is done in the right way with maximum impact and the transitions into each pose are done in a smooth and effective way. Top that with the stress on mindful meditation, which makes you aware of your breathing. Her class is a full body and mind workout which makes you feel great in every way. Thank you Sharmila!



Hi Sharmila,

Finally I'm sending you the history of my injury and how yoga has helped. 😊

First if all I damaged my left Achilles' tendon when I was in my twenties. It healed and gave me no trouble for years. At the same time I wore 2 to 3 inch heels for 40 years so my calf muscle and tendons grew very tight.

One morning 7 years ago I got up and it was like walking on broken glass. I was told to give up heels (I reluctantly did 🙁) I was also told to use bands to help stretch my calf and a ball to roll under the feet to relax the tendons. At the same time I developed a tender bump about the size of a pea on the left tendon at the site of the old injury. I was told to get orthotics and have laser treatments on my tendon.

The treatments on the feet lessened the symptoms slightly but there was no change to the bump on the tendon.

Last year I started practicing yoga with you and the bump is now  completely gone 😊. Also the pain in my feet started to return last summer when I took a break from yoga for a month. Since starting again in Sept. the pain has gone. 😊

I think yoga will always be a part of my life from now on.  ~ Glenis


"Dear Sharmila,
I am writing to express my deep appreciation for your help. Your gift and talent at teaching yoga and more importantly at personalizing your care based on my situation has made a world of difference in my life. After many years of dealing with depression and physical pain, I came to you to try to find internal peace. Class after class, you not only helped me advance in the discipline of yoga but you guided me through understanding better what was going on in my mind and body to the point that I now lead a normal life once again. What I learned is now part of my daily routine and I continue reaping the benefits of your assistance. From darkness to light, from pain to freedom, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.    Maria"


Hi Sharmila This is Anjali,  I really loved the way you educated us during our course at YTT as a yoga instructor, the way you break each posture and explained benefits of each posture the way you educated us was the best. Thank you Sharmila for the great class still looking forward to take your classes...Anjali


Dear Sharmila I would like to say thank you for going above and beyond as a teacher during my yoga teacher training course at Hot Yoga Wellness. There are so many people that are practicing yoga incorrectly and you really took the time to teach us the foundations of yoga through breath and postures. If yoga teachers have a better understanding of how to teach yoga correctly, the true meaning and message of yoga could really be passed on. I look forward to taking one of your actual classes and continuing to learn from you. You have helped me learn more about myself and others and I will use those teaching not just as a yogi or a yoga teacher but in my everyday ordinary life.I would also like to express my gratitude to you for paving the way for future yoga therapist, with your passion and hard work yoga therapy is moving towards being a regulated industry in Ontario and that's super exciting for me and my future in the yoga industry. Take care .....Vanessa


Sharmila is one of the best teacher I met when I took the Yoga Teacher Training at Hot Yoga Wellness. Every time when I took her class, I strongly felt her passion in Yoga. Her knowledge, experience and beautiful voice impressed me and made me feel the power of Yoga. To be a teacher of Yoga TT, she  was punctual, organized and efficient.  She also helped me to release my lower back pain after correcting my yoga posture. I love her! 😘😘... N


Hi Sharmila
Just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind lately as I am recovering from my fall for the last 2 weeks I sincerely am thanking you for all you have helped me with as I continue to struggle I am truly grateful for all your helpful suggestions that you have passed along to me as I deal  with the pain  that I am going through the struggle is always there but I endure it and carry on. Yoga breathing has helped me tremendously
Thank- you from the bottom my heart for your continued  support, it truly means a lot....Sara

 This is just a small part of how I feel...There have been times when tears have streamed down my face in our yoga sessions and I was eternally grateful that only me and the yoga instructor were in the room  the more  I was grateful to have the loving support of the yoga instructor Sharmila ,she reminds me that I am capable when I have doubts on some moves .Your empowering words help me in so many ways  Thank-you so very much...S


My yoga practice with Sharmila gave me benefits that I could enjoy immediately: flexibility, balance and a more profound calmness. With the new knowledge I came to experience a deeper understanding of the way we living beings are connected with other people and things on the planet... she truly cares about passing her knowledge along to all who are interested and will take the time to help you reach your better self."...John​


My personal journey with yoga and Sharmila is ongoing and I can’t see it ending anytime soon. With Sharmila’s knowledge and experience, she has given me my independence, confidence, peace, and joy back. This may sound like a lot, but I was in a rough place when I came to Sharmila.

I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis late last year, primarily in my knees. I wasn’t able to stand on my feet for too long, was having difficulty walking or getting on to my bed, and difficulty doing my day-to-day activities of life at the speed I was used to

A friend of mine recommended Sharmila for therapeutic yoga, and to be honest, I laughed and thought, “I can’t even get on my knees, how in the world would I be able to do yoga” - but I’ve been overwhelmingly surprised.

I went from not being able to stand for more than 30 minutes to being able to not only stand for 4+ hours and live life the way I want to again. Sharmila’s patience, style, techniques, and knowledge is amazing and I am enriched by her yoga techniques and continues to positively impact my daily life...K